Announcing 1st ALOP Symposium


Like everywhere in the world, there are many all over the Pakistan who like to know about the Universe we all live in. They have read about it, have seen YouTube. Some have gone further and have purchased binocular to see more stars and heavenly objects. Some have gone further still to have purchased telescopes to witness the glory of the clusters full of stars, galaxies and faint nebulae.

In some cities, they have made Astronomy Clubs to help others as well. Lahore and Karachi even have Astronomical Observatories!

Not long, we gathered together and created an umbrella organisation to create coordination between these amateur astronomical societies and we named it "The Astronomical League of Pakistan", a first of its kind!

Now we are taking a further step, a real big one: First ever symposium of amateur astronomers of Pakistan!!

Lahore Astronomical Society (LAST) is a wonderful group of people and everything we do, we do it from our pockets!

I am very proud to annouce that LAST is holding this ALOP symposium on 24th September, 2016!

Those who wish to attend this symposium, may get themselves registered here:

Let's all meet the the real stars among us! :)