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Lahore Astronomical Society


Lahore Astronomical Society (LAST) is the oldest active Astronomical Society in Pakistan and has been working as an amateur astronomy society for more than 20 years and is the only such society in Pakistan that contributes scientific data in foreign research organizations and published papers.

Everything we do, we do it free of cost!

We have the first ever Urdu Astronomy podcast by two professional astronomers, Umair Asim and Dr Salman Hameed, called 'Hamari Kainaat' that premiers every 2 weeks!

Other online content includes:
- Image of the Week
- Random Facts about the Universe
- A short, curiosity inducing video segment called Random Orbits.

We have monthly meetings held on every first Friday of every month at Zeds Astronomical Observatory in Lahore. 
We put up a pinned post at our facebook group (we have more than 7,000 members there) whenever such a meeting is around the corner so everyone can see and if you are in Lahore, you can attend too!

There are more than 40 telescopes in Lahore and our members have telescopes of many designs and apertures: 
- Refractors: 2 inch - 6 inch
- Dobsonians: 3 inch - 12 inch
- Catadioptrics: 5 inch - 14 inch

Lahore Astronomical Society specialists in high end astronomical equipment and its use for acquiring data.  Members use variety of modern DSLRs and dedicated CCDs to image and research the night sky.

We routinely receive day and night observation requests from schools, colleges and universities from Lahore and Punjab and beyond, in which we show
- Mesmerizing mountains and craters of our moon!
- Planet including Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and their moons orbiting them!
- Beautiful star clusters, galaxies and nebulae.