(Details provided by KAS)

Karachi Astronomers’ Society (KAS) is a dedicated group of astronomers, almost all of them amateurs, in Karachi. KAS is the short name given to this society by the founders. Now KAS has its active members all around Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Sargoda, Hyderabad and other cities.

KAS is one of the first largest Astronomy clubs of Pakistan in terms of members, affiliations and events, having arranged many types of events promoting Astronomy as hobby and science in Karachi and Pakistan. Since 2008, KAS has been promoting the use of binoculars and telescopes through various events, workshops and Rutjugas and made enthusiasts aware of usage, availability and technicalities.

KAS was founded in 2008 after a partial solar eclipse when a few astronomy enthusiasts met coincidentally for the observation at PIA Planetarium, Karachi. We organize solar and planetary observation sessions in schools, colleges and public places like parks. Till now KAS has conducted 50+ public astronomy events.

Review of these activities can be seen on KAS's main website and Facebook page.



KAS is the only group in Pakistan that organizes all night astronomy sessions in rural areas under dark sky. KAS takes around 50-100 people with them and does all night dark sky observations or Star Party. We call it Rutjuga. It is an Urdu word which means "waking up all night long". Till now KAS has conducted 30+ dark sky events at nearby dark locations. KAS is also running a dedicated website for this particular activity. 


KAS has an urban observatory called Kastrodome in Karachi. Public is also invited there for observations and presentations. 


One of KAS's members owns the largest telescope in Pakistan, Webster C24. Which is also the largest privately owned telescope in all South Asia. The society also have Obsession 18 telescope, which is the second largest privately owned telescope in Pakistan.

KAS has a dedicated Solar Astronomy Project (KAS-SAP) website inspired by Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project. Few of the members have got expertise in solar observations and imaging. They have H-alpha and White Light equipment. 


Being involved in solar astronomy, one of KAS's members runs his own private observatory called SHAMS Observatory. It is an Arabic word which means Sun.