(Details provided by Pak Astronomers Islamabad)

A group of amateur astronomers of Islamabad region gathered in November 2007 to work for the promotion of astronomy- related activities in an organized way. In its first meeting it was decided to name the group as Pakistan Astronomy Society (PAS) and later modified to PAS-Islamabad (PAS-ISB) to work as Islamabad chapter of PAS. It was hoped that other local, existing and future groups, may choose to become affiliates of Pakistan Astronomy Society. 
The group retained the identity as Pakistan Astronomy Society-ISB for many years until recently where its name has been changed to Pak-AStronomers Islamabad (PAS-ISB). This change was brought about to avoid any ambiguity on the occasions of national and international representation.

Since its inception, the activities of PAS-ISB can be broadly divided into three categories:
1.    Sky observation sessions by core members of the group. In such sessions which are closed group sessions, only the members are invited to take part in the observation. This is a more serious type of activity e.g. deep sky observation, astro-photography, etc, usually carried out at a dark, light pollution-free place out of city area.
2.    PAS-ISB has frequently held Institution-level observation sessions in the form of star parties and solar parties. The group has organized a number of sky observation events in collaboration with educational and research organizations, such as NUST, COMSATS, IST, NIE, ISC, etc.
3.    Public outreach sessions for the general public have been held in public parks, stadiums, exhibitions and other public events. Organizations such as Positive Pakistan and Adventure Foundation collaborated with PAS-ISB in these events.


The group has a variety of equipment including Zhumell 10” Dobsonion, Meade ETX 125, Orion EON80, Newtonian Reflectors, Refractors and cameras for astro-photography. PAS-Islamabad believes in the promotion of astronomy through collaboration with local amateur astronomers and providing full support to national level activities.