ALOP Symposium Report

Group photo of the participants with the speakers

Here is the video recording of the whole symposium.

Please visit the Picture Gallery to see the event covered by our photographer.

Astronomy in Pakistan is pacing fast now and Amateur Astronomy community is flourishing everywhere in the country. The Astronomical League of Pakistan (ALOP), decided to host its first ever symposium at national level and Lahore Astronomical Society (LAST) planned to host it in Lahore and announced the event in August, 2016.

The Astronomical League of Pakistan congratulates and is thankful to Lahore Astronomical Society, Khwarizmi Science Society and LUMS University for successfully holding this first symposium in Lahore.

These were our honorable speakers:


1. Khalid Marwat, Chairman The Astronomical League of Pakistan

Welcomed the Audience, talked about the history of amateur Astronomy in Pakistan and the goals of ALOP.

2. Roshaan Bukhari, Secretary Lahore Astronomical Society (LAST)

In his highly graphical presentaion, he presented a personal experience of how and why Astronomy attracts so many people. In his other presentation, he talked about the history of LAST and what does the society do about outreach, research and its other many activities.

3. Saif ul Islam, President Pak Astronomers Islamabad

Detailed the history of amateur Astronomy in Islamabad and the outreach activities of the society

4. Dr Farrukh Shahzad, Vice President Pak Astronomers Islamabad

Talked about the equipment amateur astronomers have in Islamabad and how they use it.

5. Dr Sabieh Anwar, Joint Secretary Khwarizmi Science Society

Talked about the nature of light and demonstrated spectroscopy with an apparatus. In his next talk, he briefly informed how Khwarizmi Science Society is teaching Science to the masses in all over Pakistan.

6. Kaiser Tufail, Member LAST

Presented a brief overview on the telescopes, what are the different kinds, how they are different and the goods and bads of every design.

7. Umair Asim, President LAST/ALOP

Briefed about Zeds Astronomical Observatory, the equipment it has and how it is used. In the next talk, he gave a primer on Astro-Imaging on how Astronomical Imaging is very different than regular imaging and how amateur Astronomers can do real science from their own equipment.

8. Muhammad Mehdi Hussain, President Karachi Astronomers Society

Presented the history of KAS, the massive outreach the society does regularly and what are their future plans.